1. Get It Girl


Writer: Carra Stasney

You keep telling me that you’re tired
Of feeling so uninspired
Running all day just a’ ragged
From putting out the fires

Yeah, you got the vision - But something’s missing
You hear that voice - But oh you gotta listen
Ain’t gonna come to you - Just cause you’re wishin’

You gotta get it girl - Ain’t nobody to help
Get it girl - Gotta do it yourself
Get it girl - If you know what you want
Get it girl ‘fore somebody else does

I seen you draggin’ your boots
Like you got something to lose
Too scared to make the wrong choice
So you just don’t choose

Babe if you want it - Then get right on it
You told yourself a big lie - And then you bought it
You wanna change it - First you gotta own it

Even if it hurts, You gone do the work
You know what you’re worth, You gone do the work
You wanna give something birth, You gonna do the work
Hands in the dirt, Get on now and get to work

Get it girl - A little alchemy
Get it girl - Honey it's all that you need
Get it girl - Take all the weight on your soul
Get it girl - Then you turn it to gold